in·no·va·tion (/noun): Something new or different introduced. (Source: Dictionary.com)


Ask “what is innovation?” and most people in organizations will mention companies or products, such as Apple and the iPad; or maybe a new and groundbreaking technology they have heard of. Ask “how are you innovative?” and the responses range from “blank stares” to statements such as “I am just an engineer or administrative assistant and that’s not my job”.

Many corporate leaders, especially those who are technologists, often do not understand that innovation is not just about technology but also a social process, that good ideas come from anywhere, that everyone can be innovative, at every level and role in the organization. More importantly, breakthrough innovation is not just about having more ‘ideation and brainstorming sessions’ to come up with new concepts but it requires an innovation mindset and work culture that allows failure. Merely providing tools and systems, rules, guidelines and budgets is necessary but not sufficient; at the core, breakthrough innovation also depends on individuals doing what they can do best.

How does an organization ignite the innovation spark within the company?

EMPOWER is a customized innovation learning program (tested at Shell) that nourishes the innovation culture in an organization by building individual capacity for creativity and innovative thinking focusing on enabling greater self-awareness, emotional and social intelligence.

We are offering a unique innovation learning opportunity on the auspices of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit. The program consists of three key learning modules:

Empowerment & Social Connectedness:

Participants learn how to i) identify  and  overcome personal blockers to creativity and innovative thinking and ii) how to develop greater emotional and social intelligence that helps them to build trusted networks with stakeholders

Foresight & Aligning Purpose:

Participants develop their unique social purpose and how to use foresight and human centered design to create a shared mission for bringing their idea to reality

Agenda & Schedule:

During the trip, the delegates will

  • Develop their innovation capability through intimate conversations with India’s changemakers
  • Participate in mindfulness training for improving resilience and socio-emotional intelligence
  • Brainstorm solutions for creating shared value - enable both social impact and business growth
  • Participate in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit to network with global innovation community